Suitable for :
tous every poultry

Curved back boning knife with a rigid, narrow, thin and sharp blade. Can be used for vertical poultry cut-up (with a cut up cone). Very strong and handy, this knife offers a professional cut up quality and facilitates high precision cuts (particularly to debone smaller pieces of poultry: oyster meat, etc.).


Cutting knife made up of:
- a Molybdenum stainless steel blade (with 0.40% carbon and 13% chromium) for better durability, ease of use and cleaning (resistance to corrosion).
- an overmoulded polypropylene handle, ergonomic and non-slip for a good grip. The bolster and the butt of the knife protect the operator’s hand while cutting up.
This curved back boning knife is available with two blade lengths: 13 and 15 cm. We can also provide a semi-flexible curved bake boning knife.
Cutting knife made in France, complying with the HACCP standards.

Curved back boning knife

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Data sheet
Length 26 cm or 28 cm
Weight 0.124 kg for the 13 cm blade, 0.131 kg for the 15 cm blade
Blade length 13 cm or 15 cm
Handle length 14 cm
Colours Random color: black, red, yellow, green or blue handle
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