Poultry cut-up and packaging

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We can offer all the necessary equipment to cut-up and package poultry. Discover our tailor-made cutting tables that can be adapted to any configuration, depending on your needs. For poultry cut-up, we also offer a wide range of high-quality-knives that are made in France. Various types of paring and boning knives are available, with a large or narrow blade, with curved or straight back. We can provide as well a fillet knife and various types of cleavers or butcher knives. You’ll find on our website all the necessary equipment for knife honing or sharpening, sharpening steels and several knife sharpeners. Some poultry cut-up accessories are also available, cut-up cones adapted for all types of poultry, chopping boards, magnetic knife holders etc. Also discover our poultry packaging and weighing solutions: packaging funnels, a tray wrapper, a vacuum packing machine, scales, etc.

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