Knife sterilizers

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A knife sterilizer enables the disinfection of knives in the agri-food industry. We offer two types of knife sterilizers, hot water knife sterilizer or UV knife sanitizer. When using a hot water knife sterilizer, the disinfection of the blade is ensured by using boiling water. UV knife sanitizers operate thanks to the germicidal UV lamp. KS knives sterilizers are new generation knives sterilizers that guarantee an optimal knives disinfection. Depending on your needs, these knife sterilizers are available with various capacities. Where space is limited, we even offer a knife sterilizer fitted with a hand wash basin. In order to be effective, knives sterilization must occur after knives have been cleaned. Cutting knives must not be placed in the sterilizer when they are dirty. Similarly, for perfect hygiene when using a hot water knife sterilizer, it’s important to drain and to clean it after each use. We can also provide spare parts such as immersion heaters for hot water knife sterilizers and UV lamps for UV knife sanitizers.

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