Wet plucking machines

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Looking for a wet plucking machine for poultry? We offer a complete range of wet plucking machines to meet every need. Wet plucking means scalding poultry before plucking. Then, birds are plucked thanks to plucking fingers. Drum pluckers, fitted with a rotary drum and rubber plucking fingers allow you to get a very good plucking result. With this kind of wet plucking machine, scalded birds are presented manually against the plucking fingers, one by one. Various models are available, depending on the power supply and the drum width: the bigger the drum, the faster the poultry is plucked. As for the rotary pluckers, they allow you to pluck simultaneously several birds without operator intervention. These rotary pluckers are available in various sizes, depending on the type of poultry and the capacity. Finally, we can also provide wet plucking machines specially designed for fat liver duck plucking, which are fitted with rubber brushes and stainless steel rollers.

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