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tous every poultry

Paring knife with a sharp and short blade. Perfect to devein foie gras manually. This paring knife is lightweight, has ergonomic design and maximizes user comfort. Perfect for intensive use in a professional environment.


This paring knife is fitted with an overmoulded ergonomic handle made of polypropylene and a Nitrocut NCV50® stainless steel blade.
The Nitrocut NCV50® stainless steel is enriched with molybdenum and nitrogen. It is more solid than most steels usually used in knives, and it also has a remarkable resistance to corrosion. Last but not least, the blade doesn't need to be sharpened so frequently as it remains sharp for longer time.
The polypropylene handle ensures good hygiene conditions, is resistant and does not absorb any liquid. The handle is molded around the blade, so that there is no space left between both parts, which is great to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. Moreover, its ergonomic design adapts to any size of hands, thus its grip is comfortable even during intensive usage of the knife.
The brown colour helps you to easily spot this specific knife avoiding to confuse it with another one, thus preventing food cross contamination. Other colours available upon quotation.
Dishwasher safe.
Paring knife complying with the HACCP standards.
Made in France.

Paring knife 10 cm

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Data sheet
Colours brown
Weight 0.030 kg
Blade length 10 cm
Handle length 11 cm
Length 20 cm
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