Suitable for :
tous every poultry

High-quality fillet knife specifically designed for filleting poultry. Can also be used to fillet fish. This fillet knife provides an outstanding sharpness and an absolute comfort. It has been designed specifically for professionals working with meat.


This fillet knife is fitted with an ultra-comfort bi-material handle. Polypropylene ensures a perfect junction between the blade and the handle. Polypropylene is covered over 80% with smooth elastomer for better grip and comfort. The ergonomic handle is fitted with non-slip striations, for a use by any size or any shape of hand. It also decreases the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.
The blade of the fillet knife is long and flexible. It is made of Sandvik stainless steel: a Swedish stainless steel with a superior hardness, an outstanding cutting performance and a more durable knife edge (the sharpening frequency is divided by two). Ultra-precise robotically-made sharpening.
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Sandvik fillet knife

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Data sheet
Length 34 cm
Weight 0.100 kg
Blade length 20 cm
Handle length 14 cm
Colours grey and blue
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