Poultry hanging solutions

Hanging poultry while eviscerating offers many advantages, it allows for hands-free work and participates to improve hygiene conditions. We can offer various poultry hanging solutions suitable for small processing units. A manual overhead conveyor is the most complete poultry hanging solution. It enables poultry hanging, particularly during evisceration and it allows poultry to move easily along a track. We also offer a tailor-made manual evisceration station with a blood trough and an overhead conveyor. We can also provide a cheaper and easier to implement solution: wall-mounted shackles. These fixed wall-mounted shackles also enables poultry hanging while eviscerating but do not allow the movement of poultry.

Wall-mounted shackles Wall-mounted shackles
With 2 wall-mounted shackles, Lenght : 650 mm
With 4 wall-mounted shackles, Lenght : 1150 mm
Avec 5 Etriers muraux, Longueur : 1400 mm
Avec 6 Etriers muraux, Longueur : 1650 mm
Avec 8 Etriers muraux, Longueur : 2150 mm
Avec 10 Etriers muraux, Longueur : 2650 mm
Avec 12 Etriers muraux, Longueur : 3150 mm
Avec 14 Etriers muraux, Longueur : 3650 mm
Wall-mounted shackles
Ref: 4000-6

Universal wall-mounted shackles to hang poultry along the slaughtering...

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