Poultry scalding

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Poultry scalding is a crucial step of the slaughtering process to obtain a good final result. To scald poultry, various types of tanks are available, depending on the capacity. Manual dip tanks fitted with immersion heaters, allowing you to scald one or several birds at the same time (depending on the dimensions of the tank) are perfect for small capacities. These manual dip tanks require the operator’s manual intervention to stir the water. To stir water manually a scalding rake or a mixer with holes can be used. For bigger capacities, we can also provide poultry scalding tanks that limit the operator’s intervention and that will allow him to scald several birds at the same time. Within this range, you’ll find an auto scalding tank which scalds poultry thanks to a water cascade system. We also offer a rotating scalding tank with two rotative scalding sections that agitate the water to scald poultry. Immersion heaters for some of our poultry scalding tanks are also available as spare parts.

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