Dry plucking machines

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Discover our range of dry plucking machines, allowing you to dry pluck ducks, geese, quails, pigeons and game birds etc. Dry plucking machines operate thanks to a set of rotating discs that grip and remove the feathers. Then, feathers are collected in a jute bag. Various models are available, depending on the intended use, type of poultry, capacity, etc. We offer dry plucking machines with 7 or 11 discs, with one or two motors (depending on the speed and the power needed), single-phase or three-phase. The MP7 plucking machine, fitted with 7 discs, is perfect for gamekeepers, hunters and even for domestic use. The MP11 and Super Direct plucking machines are more powerful. They are fitted with 11 discs and two motors, one driving the discs while the other sucks removed feathers, which makes them particularly efficient and fast.

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