Knife sharpener appropriate for all types of knives. Easy to use, quick (more than a sharpening steel), safe and handy (good grip). Suitable for use in the agri-food industry to straighten, hone and polish the cutting edge of knifes. Thanks to an exceptional hardness it provides perfect cutting results with minimum effort.


Very easy and quick knife sharpener allowing you to realign perfectly the knife edge.
Knife sharpener made up of:
- a blue monobloc body made of high resistant polypropylene
- stainless steel and hard chrome rods for greater durability and reduced maintenance costs.
- stainless steel blade guides to guide the blade perfectly and to maintain a constant angle while sharpening.
- stainless steel reinforcements on the top of the knife sharpener to avoid producing small plastic pieces while sharpening.
- V shaped tongues to straighten the cutting edge of knives
- an ergonomic and universal handle that protects the operator’s hand (hand-guard) and that can be used by right or left-handed users.
- a stainless steel mounting bracket allowing the operator to use the knife sharpener in two positions: at 45° or at 90°. The bracket is fitted with a wear indicator of the knives blades.
Complies with the 2002/72/EC, 2004/19/EC and 2007/19/EC European directives.
Made in France, delivered already assembled.

Sharp'Easy knife sharpener

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Data sheet
Colours blue
Weight 0.588 kg
Height 27 cm
Width 14 cm
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