Cleaning accessories

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We provide a range of cleaning and sanitation accessories allowing you to ensure the hygiene of equipment within you slaughter facility. Brushes, squeegees and washing brushes will allow you to ensure good hygiene practice. We offer, for instance, a cleaning and disinfection station designed for the cleaning and the disinfection of floors and surfaces in the agri-food industry. Discover our cleaning products: disinfectant detergents and disinfectant spray. We can also provide boot drying racks to store boots in an optimal position while drying. Our boot disinfection mat offers an ingenious alternative to the traditional boot bath with the advantages of preventing spilling and slipping. The Virobox UV disinfection cabinet is perfect to disinfect and sterilize any type of equipment (masks, safety glasses, etc.). Also discover our range of bins specifically designed for the agri-food industry.

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