Food-contact guaranteed cut-resistant glove with long cuff to ensure a complete protection of the operator’s arm against mechanical hazard (cuts) in the food industry. Perfect for poultry cut-up. Also protects from any potential contamination when handling foodstuffs. Offers optimal mechanical resistance while guaranteeing suppleness, comfort and great dexterity.


Cut-resistant glove with long cuff made of high tenacity polyethylene and polyester fiber reinforced with glass and stainless-steel fiber. Provides exceptional cut resistance (56.70 Newton) and abrasion resistance while guaranteeing great comfort (glove dexterity: performance level 5).
Hydrophobic and oleophobic cut-resistant glove. Food-contact approved thanks to the factory washing process that eliminated knitting oils.
Ambidextrous cut-resistant glove for better dexterity.
Sold individually (only 1 glove with long cuff).
The cut-resistant glove with long cuff is available in 3 sizes: from size 8 to size 10. If you need help to choose the appropriate size please download the size guide in the « Download » section of this product datasheet. View or print the file in its actual size (100%) to find your size.
This cut-resistant glove with long cuff complies with the European rules and national regulations relating to materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs. Complies with the following standards:
- EC 89/686/EEC relating to personal protective equipment (category II).
- EN 420:2003 + A1: 2009: glove design and construction, innocuousness, comfort and efficiency, marking and information applicable to all protective gloves.
- EN 388:2003 abrasion resistance 4/4, blade cut resistance 5/5, tear resistance 4/4, puncture resistance: not tested.
- ISO 13997 - 56.70 Newton - Level 5
Also available without long cuff: cut-resistant glove sold separately.

Cut-resistant glove with long cuff Gauge 10

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Data sheet
Length 55 cm
Colours blue
Gauge 10
Slicing strength 56.70 Newton
Glove Weight (1 unit) 90g
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