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Professional butcher knife fitted with a large hollow-ground blade allowing you to cut-up thin meat slices. The hollow-ground blade prevents meat to stick to the blade.


Butcher knife made up of:
- a blade made of Molybdenum stainless steel (with 0.40% carbon and 13% chromium) fitted with hollow-ground indentations on the side of the blade. This bladeprovides better resistance to corrosion (ease of cleaning) and good cutting performance.
- a comfortable, non-slip, overmoulded polypropylene handle for a good grip. The bolster and the butt of the knife protect the operator’s hand while cutting up.
It is available with various blade lengths: 23 and 30 cm.
Made in France. Complying with the HACCP standards.

Butcher knife

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Data sheet
Colours black
Weight 0.186 kg with a 23 cm blade and 0.233 kg with a 30 cm blade
Blade length 23 cm or 30 cm
Handle length 15 cm
Length 37 cm pour le 23 cm et 44 cm pour le 30 cm
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