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Universal wall-mounted shackles to hang poultry along the slaughtering process or during evisceration (hands-free working). Wall-mounted shackles make the slaughtering process easier and guarantee optimal hygienic conditions within the slaughter facilities. Particularly appropriate for smaller processing units, they are cheaper than a conveyor and easier to install.


Wall-mounted shackles made of stainless steel.
Appropriate for all types of poultry (except rabbits)
Several types of wall-mounted shackles are available, depending on need and capacity:
- With 2 shackles, Length : 650 mm
- With 4 shackles, Length : 1150 mm
- With 5 shackles, Length : 1400 mm
- With 6 shackles, Length: 1650 mm
- With 8 shackles, Length: 2150 mm
- With 10 shackles, Length : 2650 mm
- With 12 shackles, Length : 3150 mm
- With 14 shackles, Length : 3650 mm

Wall-mounted shackles

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Wall distance 40 cm
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