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This gizzard peeling machine allows you to process gizzards quickly and easily (up to 150/200 gizzards per hour and per workstation). It is available with a single workstation or a double workstation. Facilitates gizzards processing. Perfect for small poultry processing units.


Gizzard peeling machine made of AISI 304 stainless steel (food-grade stainless steel).
Belt driven stainless steel rasp. The rasp can be removed quickly and easily for cleaning.
The gizzard peeling machine is fitted with a water connection: some water continuously trickles over the rasp to clean it.
Emergency stop button.
The gizzard peeling machine is available with a single workstation (tabletop version) or with a double workstation for two operators (floor standing version with four castors). The gizzard peeling machine with double workstation is fitted with a motor with brake. This version will allow you to process up to 150/200 gizzards per hour per workstation.
Specific gloves must be worn while using the gizzard peeling machine: stainless steel metal mesh gloves sold separately, strengthened gloves available upon request (on quotation).

Gizzard peeling machine

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Data sheet
Weight 34kg (single workstation), 63 kg (double workstation)
Dimensions 65 x 60 x H28 cm (single workstation), 120 x 70 x H110 cm (double workstation)
Motor 380V three-phase + neutral, 0.75 kW, 1500 rpm
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