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Strong and rigid, this pneumatic cutter allows you to cut poultry feet and wings. Lightweight and easy to use, it is a perfect tool for a clean and precise cut. This pneumatic cutter is suitable for small and medium-sized birds (chickens, guinea fowls, pigeons, quails). It is ambidextrous and provided with an anti-slip and ergonomic plastic handle. 


The pneumatic cutter is fitted with:
- Two blades (one is fixed)
- A micrometric adjustment system
- A swivel cutting head with 360 degree rotation
- A forged aluminum cutting head
- A dual safety: a locking ring on the command lever ensures the blade is never accidentally locked and a manual thumb catch keeps the blade locked when the pneumatic cutter is not used.
- A double piston and a counter spring to minimize the loss of compressed air and to allow a fast opening of the blade.
The operating power for the pneumatic cutter is supplied by an air-compressor (a compressor and a filter-regulator-lubricator are needed). Pneumatic cutter connector not included.
This pneumatic cutter complies with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/CEE and to national regulations transposing it.

Pneumatic cutter

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Data sheet
Weight 0.710 kg
Length 26 cm
Operating pressure 7 to 15 bars
Air consumption 24 to 50 litres/min
Cutting diameter 30 mm
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