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Lung rake for poultry operating manually to remove easily poultry lungs during evisceration. Water connected (garden hose) to flush the inside of the carcass. Useful and handy, easy to use. Aggressive teeth allow you to scrape the inside of the carcass to remove lungs.


This poultry lung rake is made of stainless steel and is fitted with:
- a black rubber anti-slip handle. The handle has to be flexed for instant on/off control. The more you flex, the more volume you get. Water-saving system.
- a stainless steel rake with aggressive teeth.
The poultry lung rake is available in two sizes:
- For chicken (length 15 cm): for medium-size poultry (chicken, guinea fowl, etc.)
- For turkey (length 30 cm): for largest birds (turkey, duck, goose, etc.)
The handle of the poultry lung rake has to be connected to water (garden hose) and is supplied with an adapter 1/4" male NPT thread and 1/4" female BSP thread (garden hose adapter not provided).

Poultry lung rake

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Data sheet
Weight 0.330 kg chicken) or 0.358 kg (turkey)
Handle length 13.5 cm
Length 15 cm (chicken) or 30 cm (turkey)
Rake width 2.3 cm
Rake length 3.7 cm
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