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A complete range of ready-to-use modular slaughter units suitable for all types of poultry (chicken, guinea fowl, turkey, duck, rabbit, etc.). These modular slaughter units are self-sufficient and can process from 30 to 120 birds per hour.


Modular slaughter units are designed to optimize space and comply with hygiene standards, animal welfare legislation and standards regarding the health and safety of the operator.

Our modular slaughter units can be customized to meet your needs (many options available, can be used with another modular unit or with an existing building, etc.). We can provide different types of modular slaughter units with various dimensions: length from 6m to 12.20m (width: 2.43m and height 2.70m).

These ready-to-use modular slaughter units can be installed quickly and easily, even in small spaces. They do not require any building permit, authorizations or structural work. Modular slaughter units only have to be connected to electricity, water and sewer. After this, it is ready to be used. The modular slaughter unit for poultry guarantees maximum efficiency with a limited financial investment: all the stages of the poultry slaughtering process are facilitated and optimized.

The modular slaughtering and processing unit is the best solution for small to medium size agricultural businesses willing to invest in the slaughtering process.

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Modular Slaughter Unit

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Data sheet
Height 2.70 m
Width 2.43 m
Length between 6 and 12.20m
Electrical power required 13 kW/h
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