Suitable for :
poulet chicken
dinde turkey

Shackle to hang chicken and turkey on an overhead conveyor in order to facilitate the slaughtering process and to reduce drudgery.


Shackles have to be mounted below trolleys to be moved on the track of the conveyor. Chickens and turkeys are hung by both legs. Two leg recesses with two different widths, depending on the type of poultry and on the slaughtering stage.
This chicken and turkey shackle is made of stainless steel and is delivered with a hanger rod (trolleys not provided with this schackle: quotation upon request). Made in France.

Chicken and turkey shackle

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Data sheet
Width 180 mm
Weight 0.906 kg
Wire diameter 8 mm
Shackle height 31 cm
Hanger rod height 7 cm
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