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tous every poultry

This pneumatic evisceration desk allows you to automatically remove poultry intestines while leaving lungs, heart, liver and gizzard inside the carcass.
It is suitable for processing units with a capacity between 40 to 80 birds per hour and offers an alternative way to hand-operated evisceration.


The evisceration desk has to be connected to a vacuum network. It is made up of:
- A static evisceration desk fitted with a cutting knife (several diameters available depending on the type of poultry to eviscerate). Static evisceration desk made of AISI304 stainless steel. Delivered with a filter-regulator-lubricator.
- A stainless steel tank with a lid, to store removed intestines: no handling of the intestines by the operator.
- An air compressor fitted with pistons, aluminium housing, a cast-iron cylinder and a 100 liter tank.
- A central vacuum pump 65 INDUSVAC. Fitted with a vacuum pump at the rate of 65 m3/h mounted on a horizontal tank as a 300 liter vacuum tank. The vacuum pump works after the oil-sealed rotary vane principle. Two filters are mounted on this central. The first one is used for waste, the second has a cartridge filter (micron) to prevent spread of dust in the vacuum pump.
- All pipes and filters necessary for junction between Vacuum pump/Buffer tank and Vacuum pump/Storage tank.
- A suction nozzle that can be hung on overhead conveyor or suspended on the wall, to remove lungs and to clean the inside of the carcass. Made of stainless steel.
A vent cutter can be used prior to the pneumatic evisceration desk.
Made in France.

Evisceration desk

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Data sheet
Dimensions 90 x 89 x 100 cm
Tank capacity 40 litres
Compressor power 1.5kW
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