MEDIUM-SIZE Manual tray sealer BURDIS

Easy-to-use traysealer.


Tray sealing is the perfect alternative to using lidded trays. It allows you to present your products perfectly, while protecting them from any external contamination. The tray sealer cuts and hermetically seals the film onto the tray in just a few seconds (cutting system and integrated film reel holder).

This food sealing machine is made entirely of stainless steel, making it easy to clean and maintain, and meeting the requirements of the food industry.

Specialised consumables, such as trays and lidding film, are available on quotation to meet your specific requirements (tray sizes, capacity, types of products packaged). We also have a wide range of standard and custom moulds.

3 sizes of manual traysealers:

We can also provide semi-automatic traysealers. Please contact us for more information.

Manual tray sealer

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Data sheet
Weight 12 kg (MINI); 17 kg (MEDIUM); 45 kg (MAXI)
Dimensions 490x210xH480 mm (MINI); 300x600xH550 mm (MEDIUM); 725x470xH410 mm (MAXI)
Voltage 230V single-phase
Power 350 W (MINI); 500 W (MEDIUM); 1200 W (MAXI)
Width 150 mm (MINI); 210 mm (MEDIUM); 350 mm (MAXI)
Maximum tray size 195x160 mm (MINI); 265x190 mm (MEDIUM); 325x265 mm (MAXI)
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