Suitable for :
tous every poultry

Poultry scalding tank allowing you to scald easily several birds simultaneously before wet plucking. This poultry scalding tank stirs water automatically thanks to a turbine, without having to agitate water manually.


Poultry scalding tank suitable for all types of poultry, including lean or fat-liver ducks (except really small poultry like quails, for example).
For information purposes: two to four poultry (may vary depending on the type of poultry and on its weight) can be scalded simultaneously.
Poultry is scalded thanks to a water cascade system with a turbine that stirs water automatically.
The water temperature is controlled by a thermostat with temperature probe (from 50 to 62°C).
The 110 type poultry scalding tank is made of stainless steel and is fitted with water connection and drain valve (for filing and draining), four adjustable feet and a perforated double bottom to protect the immersion heater.
Upon request, this poultry scalding tank can also be provided with a more powerful immersion heater (9 KW) to make water warmer (for 64 to 72°C). 
This poultry scalding tank is delivered already assembled, ready to be installed.
Made in France.

110 type poultry scalding tank

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Data sheet
Dimensions 120 x 52 cm
Height 100 cm
Weight 110 kg
Capacity 110 litres
Immersion heater power rating 6kW
Electrical connection 400V three-phase with grounded neutral
Turbine power rating 1.1 kW
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