Suitable for :
poulet chicken
dinde turkey
canard duck
pintade guinea fowl

Poultry drum plucker fitted with a small drum designed to manually pluck poultry, one by one. This drum plucker is perfect to wet pluck chickens, turkeys, guinea fowls or Muscovy ducks that have been scalded beforehand. This small drum plucker is perfect for small processing units and even for domestic use.


The M25 drum plucker is made up of a small drum fitted with rubber plucking fingers, driven by a motor and a drive belt. With this kind or poultry plucker, the operator presents scalded birds one by one, manually, against the plucking fingers.
The plucking time may vary depending on the operator’s skill and on the quality of scalding.
This poultry drum plucker is also available with longer drums (M33 drum plucker and M55 drum plucker): the bigger the drum, the faster the poultry is plucked.
The M25 drum plucker is made of stainless steel.
It is delivered already assembled, ready to use. Power cable not provided.
Made in France.

M25 drum plucker

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Data sheet
Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 50 x 36 x 90 cm
Fingers 36
Drum length 25 cm
Drum diameter 30 cm
Motor 220V 0.75 kW 1500 rpm
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