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tous every poultry

Manual dip tank suitable for small processing units. This manual dip tank allows you to manually scald several birds at the same time before wet plucking.


For information purposes, the BK3 manual dip tank enables to scald up to 4 to 5 small chickens at the same time (May vary depending on the type of poultry and on its weight). It is also available with smaller capacities (BB manual dip tank for poultry and BK2 manual dip tank for poultry).
The BK3 manual dip tank is fitted with two side handles, four legs, a lid with handle, to keep the water warm.
The manual dip tank can be connected to water for filling, thanks to the water connections provided. A drain valve allows you to drain water after use.
Two immersion heaters (tank provided with 2 plugs and 2 sockets) and thermostats enable to heat water at the appropriate temperature for scalding. A perforated double bottom avoid the birds being in direct contact with the immersion heater.
Made of stainless steel.
Manual dip tank delivered already assembled.
scalding rake or a mixer with holes can be used to stir water manually, to keep the bird immersed in water and to allow water to penetrate into feathers more easily.
Hot water gloves can be worn during manual scalding to protect the operator's hands.

BK3 manual dip tank for poultry

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Data sheet
Height 90 cm
Weight 40 kg
Capacity 300 litres
Power supply three-phase
Immersion heater power rating 2 x 6kW
Diameter 70 cm
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