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tous every poultry

Rotating scalding tank with rotative scalding sections designed to scald several birds at the same time automatically (without the operator’s manual intervention), before wet plucking.


This scalding system is suitable for all types of poultry, including palmipeds.
The RBK3 rotating scalding tanks is fitted with two rotative sections that agitate water in order to scald birds very effectively.
This rotating scalding tank allows to scald simultaneously several birds, depending on their type and weight. Each scalding section has a 25kg capacity.
The water is heated thanks to four immersion heaters (that can be switched on independently) located in an oil heating chamber at the bottom of the tank. This oil heating chamber system allows to protect immersion heaters against contaminations and to store heat.
The cleaning of the tank is easy.
The temperature is controlled by a digital thermometer.
This rotating scalding tank is made of stainless steel and fitted with an emergency stop and two water connections (cold and/or hot water).
The front door retains heat in the tank while scalding and prevents any energy loss. There is no emergency button: the scalding tank only works when the front door is closed.
It is also available in two dimensions (two capacities).
This rotating scalding tank is delivered assembled, filled with heating oil.

RBK3 rotating scalding tank for poultry

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Data sheet
Dimensions 104 x 96 cm
Height 136 cm
Weight 270 kg
Capacity 250 to 350 litres
Immersion heater power rating 4 x 6kW
Electrical connection 400V, 50Hz, 63A
Motor power rating 0.55kW
Oil heating chamber capacity 60 litres
Water connection 1/2’’
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