Suitable for :
poulet chicken
dinde turkey

Conical cut-up cone suitable for chicken and turkey. It is fitted with an axis to be mounted on a cutting table. Enables precise cutting of chickens and turkeys while limiting losses. Allows the operator to debone chickens and turkeys easily and quickly.


Cut-up cone made up of a HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) cone mounted on a rotary stainless steel axis fitted with a mounting base. The cut-up cone can be screwed on a table thanks to two screws (not provided).
Chickens and turkeys can be rotated during cut-up.
We also offer other cut-up cones suitable for different types of poultry:
- a universal cut-up cone suitable for all types of poultry,
- a cut-up cone for chicken,
- a cut-up cone for quails and pigeons,
- a cut-up cone for ducks.
Our cut-up cones can be sold already mounted on a cutting table: please contact us for a price offer.
Made in France.

Cut-up cone for chicken and turkey

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Data sheet
Height 43 cm
Weight 2.832 kg
Cone height 29 cm
Colours white
Plate hole 9 mm
Axis height 15 cm
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