Suitable for :
pigeon pigeon
caille quail

The DIT 35 rotary plucking machine is suitable for the wet plucking of quails and pigeons.
This quail plucker allows you to pluck several birds at the same time and is perfect for small processing units and even for domestic use.


This quail plucker allows you to pluck simultaneously up to 3 to 6 quails (in 30 to 40 seconds) or up to 1 to 3 pigeons (in 30 to 40 seconds). The capacity of the plucking machine may vary depending on the types of poultry and on its weight.
This quail plucker is fitted with:
- a removable drum with a rotary bottom,
- small size and soft rubber plucking fingers specifically designed for small birds,
- a water spraying system in order to evacuate removed feathers,
- a water and feathers discharge located on the rear of the machine. A collecting tray has to be placed under (not provided).
- small adjustable feet made of plastic,
- seals on the frame and plastic supports to reduce noise,
This rotary plucker is made of AISI type 304 stainless steel.
The DIT 35 quail plucker complies with CE norms.

DIT 35 quail plucker

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Data sheet
Weight 22.8 kg
Dimensions 46 x 37 x 49 cm
Power supply 220V
Fingers 227
Motor 0.37W (HP 0.5) - 220V single-phase
Operating pressure 0.5 bar max. (water connection)
Frequency 50 Hz - 2710 rpm
Minimum weight 0.100 kg
Maximum weight 1.5 kg
Plate thickness 1.5 mm
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