Suitable for :
dinde turkey
canard duck
oie goose
pigeon pigeon
caille quail
petitgibier small game

The MP11 dry plucking machine has been designed to dry pluck any type of poultry (game birds, quails, ducks, geese, pigeons, etc.) in just a few minutes, thanks to a set of rotating discs that grip and remove the feathers. There is no contact between the skin and the discs.
This dry plucking machine is the most powerful dry plucking machine of our range. It ensures a professional and quick result.


This dry plucking machine is fitted with two motors that pluck and suck removed feathers simultaneously. Sucked feathers are collected in a jute bag (not provided) attached to the rear of the machine on the outlet pipe.
The « snail »type fan guarantees high suction.
The MP11 dry plucking machine is available in two versions:
- 380V three-phase,
- or 220V single-phase.
It is made of stainless steel (chassis) and aluminium (body).
Suction can be regulated by opening the flap situated on the side of the machine.
The MP11 dry plucking machine is fitted with height adjustable feet in order to adapt to any type of floor.
Made in France and delivered already assembled (ready to install).
gantry for MP11 dry plucking machine can be used (not included: sold separately) it will allow you to hang large birds and to reduce the drudgery of work: the operator no longer has to hold poultry at arm’s length when dry plucking.
Noise-blocking earmuffs and safety glasses can be worn by the operator while plucking.

MP11 dry plucking machine

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Data sheet
Dimensions 120 x 80 x 130 cm
Weight 100 kg
Motor Three-phase version: 1.5kW, 3000 rpm and 0.55kW, 1500 rpm. Single-phase version: 1.5kW, 3000 rpm and 0.75kW, 1500 rpm
Discs 11
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