Suitable for :
canard duck
oie goose
pigeon pigeon
caille quail
petitgibier small game

The MP7 dry plucking machine has been designed for the dry plucking of small numbers of poultry and game birds. To avoid damaging the skin of the bird, there is no contact between the skin and the discs. It is the perfect plucking machine for small processing units, gamekeepers, hunters and even for domestic use. It does an excellent job of plucking in just a few minutes, like a professional.


The MP7 dry plucking machine operates thanks to a set of rotating discs that grip and remove the feathers. Removed feathers are collected in a jute bag (not provided), at the rear of the plucking machine.
The dry plucking machine is made up of an aluminum body (including the plucking head) on which is fixed a turbine and a motor.
Plucking machine made in France and delivered pre-assembled (4 feet to assemble). Power cable not provided.
Noise-blocking earmuffs and safety glasses can be worn by the operator while plucking.

MP7 dry plucking machine

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Data sheet
Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 78 x 57 x 124 cm
Motor 220V 0.75kW
Discs 7
Height of legs 76 cm
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