Suitable for :
canard duck
oie goose
pigeon pigeon
caille quail
petitgibier small game

Wax dip tank for wax finishing after poultry plucking. Wax finishing allows you to remove small feathers and pin feathers remaining after wet or dry plucking. Suitable for pigeons, quails, ducks, geese, game-birds, etc.
This wax dip tank allows you to dip poultry and to melt and filter used wax in order to reuse it.


The TR800 wax dip tank is made up of two tanks:
- A wax dipping tank (wax not included) fitted with a lid with handles. Wax is melted in a double boiler (water or heating oil, not included) thanks to an immersion heater. Temperature can be controlled thanks to a thermostat and sensor.
- A reclaim tank fitted with an immersion heater and a perforated aluminium filter in order to melt used wax and to filter it. Then, the clean wax overflows into the reclaim tank in order to be used once again.
The tank walls are insulated with rock wool. The wax dip tank is fitted with 4 adjustable feet and drain valves.
Wax dip tank made of stainless steel.
Made in France.
Delivered already assembled, ready to install.

TR800 wax dip tank

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Data sheet
Dimensions 135 x 63 x 155 cm
Weight 150 kg
Power supply 380V three-phase, 20 amperes
Immersion heater power rating 2 x 6kW
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