Foldable and comfortable noise-blocking earmuffs with a compact design. Ensures good hearing protection against high frequency noises in work environments. Suitable for use with a dry plucking machine. Quality noise-blocking earmuffs for great comfort even in case of prolonged use. Adjustable: suitable for any size.


Noise-blocking earmuffs made up of:
- Two height-adjustable earcups (by translation on the headband) fitted with foam earmuff cushions for greater comfort.
- A plastic headband padded with foam maintains earcups on ears.
These economy noise-blocking earmuffs offer a noise reduction rating estimated around 30 dB.
These noise-blocking earmuffs comply with the EN 352-1 2001 EU standards relating to noise protection systems (General requirements. Part 1: headband).

Economy noise-blocking earmuffs

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Data sheet
Weight 0.240 kg
Colours red and black
Noise Reduction Rating 30 dB
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