Poultry slaughtering equipment

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Wall-mounted shackles Wall-mounted shackles
With 2 shackles, L : 650 mm
With 4 shackles, L : 1150 mm
With 5 shackles, L : 1400 mm
With 6 shackles, L : 1650 mm
With 8 shackles, L : 2150 mm
With 10 shackles, L : 2650 mm
With 12 shackles, L : 3150 mm
With 14 shackles, L : 3650 mm
Wall-mounted shackles
Ref: 4000-6

Universal wall-mounted shackles to hang poultry along the slaughtering...

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Looking for poultry slaughtering equipment? Discover our complete range of equipment to manually slaughter all types of poultry, including chicken, duck, turkey etc. We even offer specific equipment to slaughter rabbits. An overhead conveyor to hang poultry can be a very useful piece of equipment to facilitate the operators work. We also offer a range of stunners allowing you to stun poultry before bleeding: from the simplest to the most advanced device. Depending on the model, some stunners are intended for any type of poultry and some have been designed specifically to stun rabbits. In order to complete the slaughtering process and to bleed poultry, we can also provide various types of killing cones, on a tripod, with swivel castors, made of plastic or steel, as well as bleeding accessories like knives, scissors, slaughter pliers and penetrating bolt guns.

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