Wall-mounted killing cone + insert - pack for small poultry Burdis

Wall-mounted killing cone with insert to hold small anaesthetized birds (small chickens, guinea fowl,...) during bleeding.


In this pack:

Used with a cone insert, reducing the diameter of use, this wall-mounted bleeder allows to bleed the smallest birds (pigeons, guinea fowls, small chickens,...). Very light, simply fix the cone to the wall with screws (not included) and start your work session.

Material : first choice plastic material, guaranteed food contact, for an easy and fast cleaning. Made in France.

Use and maintenance:

To fix the wall-mounted killing cone at the required height: use screws (not included) to fix the top of the cone. The bottom of the cone can also be attached to the wall with screws using the plastic ring provided. Several wall-mounted cones can be aligned to suit your needs and slaughter rate. This cone can also be used as a replacement for rotary killing cone on stand or on wheels.

To slaughter small birds, place the cone insert: the diameter is thus reduced. Once the bird is anaesthetized, place it, head down. Bleed the bird with a bleeding knife or bleeding scissors (sold separately) and let the bird for 2 to 3 minutes before scalding or plucking it.

Remove the cone insert from the cone when the slaughter session is complete. Clean the parts after each day's slaughter with detergent and hot water.

Wall-mounted killing cone + insert - pack for small poultry

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