Burdis Penetrating bolt gun for small poultry
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Suitable for :
lapin rabbit

This penetrating bolt gun is perfect for rabbit slaughtering (for rabbits up to 5kg). Also suitable to slaughter poultry up to 16kg (chicken, duck or turkey). Not suitable for stunning geese. Can be used as a backup solution when the poultry stunner is out of order. This device is designed for a maximum of 100 shots per year.


This penetrating bolt gun is made up of a tube and a penetrating bolt fitted with a high pressure spring allowing instant death of the rabbit while penetrating skull bone.
Penetrating bolt gun made of aluminium. Complies with the EC Machinery Directive (2006/42/EG).
penetrating bolt gun for large poultry is also available: it is more powerful and appropriate for poultry up to 25kg. It is also suitable for a more intensive use.

Penetrating bolt gun for small poultry

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Data sheet
Weight 0.510 kg
Length 23 cm
Diameter 3 cm
Bolt diameter 5 mm
Stunning force 6.7 joules
Shots per year 100 max.
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