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Hanging poultry while eviscerating offers many advantages, it allows for hands-free work and participates to improve hygiene conditions. We can offer various poultry hanging solutions suitable for small processing units. A manual overhead conveyor is the most complete poultry hanging solution. It enables poultry hanging, particularly during evisceration and it allows poultry to move easily along a track. We also offer a tailor-made manual evisceration station with a blood trough and an overhead conveyor. We can also provide a cheaper and easier to implement solution: wall-mounted shackles. These fixed wall-mounted shackles also enables poultry hanging while eviscerating but do not allow the movement of poultry.

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    Wall-mounted evisceration station

    Wall-mounted evisceration station designed to facilitate poultry manual evisceration and to help removing livers from “foie gras” ducks.The head of the poultry is held in place by the hook to guarantee better stability and the back of the poultry has to be placed on the tray. This equipment ensures better hygiene conditions while eviscerating (vs...

  • Wall-mounted shackles

    Universal wall-mounted shackles to hang poultry along the slaughtering process or during evisceration (hands-free working). Wall-mounted shackles make the slaughtering process easier and guarantee optimal hygienic conditions within the slaughter facilities. Particularly appropriate for smaller processing units, they are cheaper than a conveyor and easier...

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    Manual evisceration station

    This manual evisceration station facilitates poultry evisceration and allows you to collect blood and viscera in the blood trough. An evisceration station also ensures better hygiene conditions while eviscerating (vs eviscerating on tables). This tailor-made equipment is perfect for small processing units slaughtering manually.

  • Manual overhead conveyor

    Manual overhead conveyor to hang birds and to move them easily along the slaughtering process. This manual overhead conveyor is particularly appropriate for small processing units. It can be automated as the activity and capacity increase. Using a conveyor while slaughtering is very helpful, it facilitates the slaughtering process and reduces the drudgery...

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    Chicken and turkey shackle

    Shackle to hang chicken and turkey on an overhead conveyor in order to facilitate the slaughtering process and to reduce drudgery.

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    Chicken and Guinea fowl shackle

    Chicken and guinea fowl shackle to hang chicken and guinea fowl on an overhead conveyor to facilitate the slaughtering process and to comply with hygiene standards.

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    Duck shackle

    Shackle allowing you to hang ducks on an overhead conveyor in order to process birds more easily and to comply with hygiene standards.

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    Quail and pigeon shackle

    Shackles for quail and pigeon hanging, to facilitate the different stages of the slaughtering process and to contribute to good hygiene conditions.

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    Rabbit shackle

    Shackles for rabbit hanging in order to facilitate the slaughtering process ant to contribute to better hygiene conditions in slaughter facilities.

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