Tailor-made stainless steel catering sink designed for professional use. Robust and durable, this catering sink is perfect for slaughter facilities and the food processing industry. For washing dishes, utensils, cut-up accessories, etc.


Tailor-made catering sink made of AISI type 304 stainless steel. Fully welded frame, fitted with adjustable feet.
- Straight edges
- Stainless steel catering sink fitted with round or square adjustable feet (to compensate for uneven flooring).
- Backsplash
- Catering sink fitted with stainless steel bowl sinks (1 or 2 bowls).
- Available with or without drainboard (drainboard position: right or left) for optimum drying of clean dishes in the most hygienic way.
- Various taps available depending on your needs: pillar taps, mixer taps, etc.
- With or without undershelf, to store easily cleaning supplies and to keep them at your fingertips.
- This catering sink is stainless-steel covered on three sides for better hygiene and aesthetics.
- Indent at rear for wastewater drain.
Various lengths available.
The stainless steel catering sink is supplied with a siphon, a basin drain and an overflow tube for wastewater drain.
Stainless steel catering sink also available: without feet, with base unit.
Stainless steel catering sink made in France.

Stainless steel catering sink (tailor-made)

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Data sheet
Width 60 to 70 cm
Feet 4 x 4 cm
Bowl depth 30 cm
Backsplash height 10 cm
Backsplash thickness 2 cm
Sides cover height 30 cm
Indent at rear 8 cm
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