Scalding tank to automatically process the scalding cycle and to facilitate the operator's work while guaranteeing optimal safety.


This AISI 304 SB stainless steel 280 litres scalding tank has many features exclusively designed to make the operator's job easier.

You can easily read the operating temperature of the tank thanks to the digital display. The 12 Kw resistance, protected by a safety grid, allows to heat the water in total safety (safety thermostat with bulb 0°C - 90°C). The machine is also equipped with a timer that precisely limits the immersion time of your poultry, between 1 and 10 minutes, depending on their type, size or number. The capacity of this tank depends on the size of your poultry. You will be able to scald up to 4 (8 poultry on quotation) thanks to the hooks on rails and bearings.

In order to obtain an optimal result, the immersion speed and hooks position are adjustable. Compressed air is integrated throughout the soaking time. The operator does not have to stir the water manually to ensure that the temperature is uniform or that the poultry is properly immersed. Water replenishment is automatic, as well as overflow and waste water evacuation. The machine is fitted with a pressure switch to prevent the scalding process from starting if the water level is too low. This avoids damage to the heating element prematurely.

The opening of the 5-fuse electrical panel is secured and protected from splashes of any kind. The controls and safety systems have a low voltage (24 V).

Operation and maintenance:

In order to start the soaking cycle, simultaneously press the two buttons intended for this purpose until the hooks are completely immersed. A proximity sensor ensures the safety of the operator.

In order to clean this tank thoroughly, disassemble it completely. 

The DIT LT 280 scalding tank is CE certified and complies with the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU, the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the safety standards.

DIT LT 280 Scalding Tank

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Data sheet
Capacity 280 litres
Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 110 x 56 x H180 cm
Immersion heater power rating 1 x 12 kW
Electrical connection 400V~ (3P+T)
Material AISI 304 SB stainless steel
Compressed air 5-8 bar
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