Long sleeve gloves for a complete arm protection against water, dirt and dust. These long sleeve gloves are suitable for use in the food industry (food processing), and for cleaning or maintenance. They provide good grip (in wet and slippery environments), great dexterity and pliability, even at low temperatures.


Long sleeve gloves made of food grade supported flexible PVC with heat sealed PVC sleeve to offer liquid resistance and dust protection.
Rough sandblast finish on the glove part to provide good wet-grip. Smooth finish (PVC) on the sleeve.
Long sleeves gloves fitted with a 100% cotton lining. 13-gauge gloves: ultra-tight knitting giving the glove perfect support, good touch, conforms snugly to the hand as well as outstanding dexterity. Seamless for greater comfort of use.
Long sleeve gloves sold as a pair, available in three different sizes: 8 (M), 9 (L), 10 (XL). Refer to size guide below for more information.
Long sleeve gloves complying with European Directives for food contact and complying with the general requirements of the European Directives EEC/89/686 of 21st December 1989 on Personal Protective Equipment.
Also comply with the requirements of the following standards:
- EN420 + A1: general requirements with a dexterity level performance of 5.
- EN388: mechanical hazards with the following performance levels: 4 for abrasion resistance, 1 for blade cut resistance, 2 for tear resistance and 1 for puncture resistance. New standard: 3 for abrasion resistance, 1 for blade cut resistance, 2 for tear resistance and 1 for puncture resistance. B for blade cut resistannce ISO 13997.
- EN374: protective gloves against chemicals and micro-organisms. Gloves tested for protection against chemicals permeation (A: Methanol, J: n-Heptane, K: Caustic Soda 40%, L: Sulfuric Acid 96%).

Size guide:
To find out your glove size, measure around your hand at the fullest part (exclude thumb) with a tape measure. Use your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed. Refer to size chart below (information given on an indicative basis):

Hand circumference in cm



8 (M)


9 (L)


10 (XL)

Long sleeve gloves

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Data sheet
Colours blue
Length 62 cm
Gauge 13
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