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To protect the operator’s hearing in working conditions, we can offer various types of protections with various noise reduction levels. Hearing protection equipment are very useful, for instance, when using a dry plucking machine with high noise level. Disposable or reusable earplugs, with or without cord, ensure a discreet hearing protection. Banded earplugs and noise-blocking earmuffs offer a comfortable use all day long.

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    Economy noise-blocking earmuffs

    Foldable and comfortable noise-blocking earmuffs with a compact design. Ensures good hearing protection against high frequency noises in work environments. Suitable for use with a dry plucking machine. Quality noise-blocking earmuffs for great comfort even in case of prolonged use. Adjustable: suitable for any size.

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  • 31,43 € In Stock
    Noise-blocking earmuffs

    High-performance and heavy-duty noise-blocking earmuffs offering good hearing protection. The use of noise-blocking earmuffs is strongly recommended while dry plucking. High-visibility noise-blocking earmuffs for maximum safety in low light or at night.

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    Disposable earplugs

    Disposable earplugs with soft and smooth outer surface, highly efficient for optimal protection against noise and great comfort of use even in case of prolonged use. Easy to mould and to insert.

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  • 101,11 € In Stock
    Reusable earplugs - box of 50 pairs

    Reusable earplugs with cord providing superior comfort. One-size-fits-all. Reusable earplugs can help to reduce noise in work environments to prevent hearing loss. Perfect when using dry plucking machines which can be very noisy.

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    Banded earplugs - box of 10

    Banded earplugs perfect for operators exposed to intermittent noise hazards throughout the day, in a work environment. Offers comfort and an increased level of hearing protection thanks to its supra-aural fit. Lightweight, portable, easy and quick to use. Suitable for use with a dry plucking machine.

    70,08 €
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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items