Lightweight and sturdy mini handle for use with the table and floor scraper. Can also be used with the single-blade squeegee for the cleaning of large work plans. Also suitable for the wall/floor washing brush and the table squeegee (to replace the mini handle provided). Proven robustness and quality. Ergonomic and good hygienic design. Perfect for the agri-food industry.


Mini handle made of polypropylene: FDA compliant raw material (CFR 21).
Fitted with a suspension eyelet (wall bracket sold separately).
This mini handle complies with the REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 and with (EC) 1935/2004 on food contact materials. It is also Halal compliant. Produced according to EU Regulation 2023/2006/EC of Good Manufacturing Practice.
The mini handle can also be available in various colours (quotation upon request) for easy visual segregation and ultimate food safety (minimise the risk of cross contamination).
A longer handle is also available: the ultra hygienic handle (sold separately).

Mini handle

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Data sheet
Colours white
Weight 0.075 kg
Length 16 cm
Diameter 3 cm
Max. cleaning temperature 121°C autoclave
Max. usage temperature 80°C for food contact, 100°C non-food contact
Min. usage temperature -20°C
Max. pH-value in usage concentration 10.5 pH
Min. pH-value in usage concentration 2 pH
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