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Wearing cut-resistant gloves is essential while cutting-up poultry, in order to prevent any risk of cutting and to offer the operator maximum protection. Two types of cut-resistant gloves are available. Stainless steel metal mesh gloves, with or without cuff, can reduce any risk of accidents while cutting-up poultry. Knitted cut-resistant gloves, made of composite fibers (stainless steel and glass-fiber reinforced polyamide) are also effective against cuts in the agri-food industry.

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    Stainless steel metal mesh gloves

    Stainless steel metal mesh glove providing complete protection and perfect safety during boning and meat cut-up. High level of puncture resistance, stops knife blades to prevent cuts. Ambidextrous five finger protective glove, easy to put on and remove. Almost as comfortable as a knitted glove, can fit to all morphologies.

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    Glove stiffeners - bag of 100 units

    Glove stiffeners were designed to better adjust the stainless steel metal mesh glove to the operator’s hand and to improve the operator’s dexterity. Proprietary system. The chainmail dangling is minimized.

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    Cut-resistant glove

    This cut-resistant glove provides protection against cuts, particularly in the food industry, for meat or fish cut-up. This cut-resistant glove also protects from potential contamination when handling foodstuffs. Offers optimal mechanical resistance while guaranteeing suppleness, comfort and great dexterity.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items