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We provide a range of cleaning and sanitation accessories allowing you to ensure the hygiene of equipment within you slaughter facility. Brushes, squeegees and washing brushes will allow you to ensure good hygiene practice. We offer, for instance, a cleaning and disinfection station designed for the cleaning and the disinfection of floors and surfaces in the agri-food industry. Discover our cleaning products: disinfectant detergents and disinfectant spray. We can also provide boot drying racks to store boots in an optimal position while drying. Our boot disinfection mat offers an ingenious alternative to the traditional boot bath with the advantages of preventing spilling and slipping. Also discover our range of bins specifically designed for the agri-food industry.

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    Table squeegee

    Ultra-hygenic single-bladed table squegee with mini-handle. This table squeegee is fitted with a soft and flexible blade for easy and fast cleaning of tables. Perfect to remove excess water and food debris from food-preparation surfaces. Ensures durability, efficiency and food safety. This table squeegee is perfect for use in the agri-food industry,...

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    Table and floor scraper

    This scraper is perfect for the cleaning of tables and floor. It will allow you to remove stubborn food debris from floors and stainless steel surfaces. The table and floor scraper is slightly flexible to be used on nearly all surfaces, even irregular surfaces like tiled floor. The nylon blade is more appropriate than a stainless steel blade for the...

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    Mini handle

    Lightweight and sturdy mini handle for use with the table and floor scraper. Can also be used with the single-blade squeegee for the cleaning of large work plans. Also suitable for the wall/floor washing brush and the table squeegee (to replace the mini handle provided). Proven robustness and quality. Ergonomic and good hygienic design. Perfect for the...

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    Utility brush

    Ergonomic and lightweight utility brush with medium fibres. Excellent for cleaning narrow places on machinery, conveyor belts, small surfaces areas (cutting tables, chopping boards, etc.) or as an alternative to a dish brush (to clean pots, pans, etc.). Perfect for use in the agri-food industry.

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    Soft/split washing brush

    The soft/split washing brush is fitted with an ergonomic short handle and split fibre bristles that retain water and chemical to improve cleaning efficacy. The soft/split washing brush is perfect for cleaning fragile surfaces such as glass, stainless steel (cutting table, etc.) and Perspex. This washing brush can also be used for dishwashing.

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    Hard hand brush

    The hard hand brush is fitted with a short handle. Ultra Safe Technology hand brush with angled Filament Security Units for optimal cleaning of conveyor belts, production lines, machinery and food-preparation surfaces in high-risk areas. The UST hard hand brush features a unique bristle system that minimises the risk of contamination and bristle loss and...

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    Wall/floor washing brush

    47 cm wall/floor washing brush with hard fibres. This large washing Brush is great for cleaning all types of floor surfaces, including epoxy, tiles and cement. Thanks to its long fibres it is ideal for cleaning grouts and drains. Perfect for use in the agri-food industry, specifically in poultry slaughterhouses.

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    Single-blade squeegee

    Ultra-hygienic squeegee single-blade squeegee combines ultimate hygiene with effective water removal from walls, floors and tables. Robustness, efficiency and food safety. Single-blade squeegee ideal for use in areas requiring the highest level of hygiene and for use on safety floors. Prevents cross and microbial contamination.

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    Ultra Hygienic handle

    Lightweight and sturdy ultra hygienic handle designed specifically to improve cleaning performance, raise standards of hygiene, and eliminate microbial and cross contamination issues in the agri-food industry. Proven robustness and quality. Ergonomic and good hygienic design. For use with the single-blade squeegee and the wall/floor washing brush (sold...

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    Wall bracket

    This wall bracket is the perfect accessory to improve hygiene and extend equipment shelf-life in the agri-food industry. Suitable for the ultra-hygienic handle, the  wall/floor washing brush and the single-blade squeegee. To store up to 3 cleaning accessories. Strong and flexible.

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    Cleaning and disinfection station

    Wall-mounted cleaning and disinfection station designed for intensive cleaning and/or disinfection of floors and surfaces in the agri-food industry, slaughterhouses, etc. Operates without electricity nor compressed air: reduced maintenance and zero energy cost. Ensures efficient mixing and precise dosing of the products, optimal cleaning result and...

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    Disinfectant detergent for food industry -...

    Specific disinfectant detergent for use in the food processing industry. Can be used with the cleaning and disinfection station. Powerful degreaser with foaming agents to better visualize treated surfaces and rinsing result. For floor and surfaces degreasing in the agri-food industry (walls, work surfaces, equipment, transport vehicles, cold rooms, etc.).

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    Acidic disinfectant detergent - pack of 2...

    The acidic disinfectant detergent cleans and disinfects surfaces likely to come into contact with foodstuff, with descaling effect. Can be used alone on surfaces loaded with mineral soiling or alternately with usual cleaning and disinfection products (once a week) to remove the calcareous film on floors (descaling effect) and stainless steel surfaces...

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    Disinfectant spray for food industry -...

    Disinfectant spray for disinfection of previously cleaned surfaces and equipment (cutting tables, cut-up equipment, processing equipment, etc.) that can come into contact with foodstuffs. This disinfectant spray for food industry does not require rinsing (fast drying).

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    Boot disinfection mat

    Boot disinfection mat made of high quality foam. Suitable for doorways at the entrance of slaughter facilities or between the rooms. The foam absorbs water and disinfectant to guarantee optimal hygiene conditions. Prevents the risk of flooding and slipping.

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    Septicare disinfectant solution for boot...

    Concentrated antibacterial and antifungal powdered solution, allowing you to prepare some disinfectant solution for the boot disinfection mat (sold separately). This disinfectant solution ensures optimal hygiene conditions in poultry slaughterhouses.

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  • Boot drying rack

    Boot drying rack on legs, for industrial applications. Tubular structure allowing you to dry up to 12 pairs of food industry boots or work shoes. Easy to use and space saving manual boot drying rack.

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    Round sack holder

    This stainless steel round sack holder is perfectly appropriate for indoor use, particularly in the agri-food industry (HACCP complying round sack holder). It is fitted with two wheels and a pedal for hands-free use (the user can open the lid without touching it with their hands). This round sack holder guarantees optimal hygiene conditions by avoiding...

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    110L bin bags

    110L bin bags appropriate for use with the stainless steel round sack holder (sold separately). Strong and leak proof 110L bin bags. Easy to use thanks to perforated rolls (pre-cut bags) and to twist ties.

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    240L wheelie bin

    This 240L wheelie bin will allow you to organise refuse collection within your slaughter facility. This professional 240L wheelie bin is designed both for indoor and outdoor use. Ergonomic and handy, this 240L wheelie bin can be moved easily thanks to its 2 wheels. Standard size for home refuse collection.

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