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To maintain the knife cutting edge and provide precise cutting, it’s necessary to regularly use a knife sharpener. Several types of knife sharpeners are available, sharpening steels, quick sharpeners allowing you to sharpen knives easily in record time (even during the cut-up process) or professional knife sharpeners with a diamond wheel.

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    Sharpening steel

    Sharpening steel are used to realign the small little teeth located on the knife blade's cutting edge to maintain an excellent cutting performance. Fine cut allowing you to realign perfectly the knife edge. Suitable for an intensive use in the agri-food industry.

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    Sharp'Easy knife sharpener

    Knife sharpener appropriate for all types of knives. Easy to use, quick (more than a sharpening steel), safe and handy (good grip). Suitable for use in the agri-food industry to straighten, hone and polish the cutting edge of knifes. Thanks to an exceptional hardness it provides perfect cutting results with minimum effort.

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    Diamond electric knife sharpener

    Diamond electric knife sharpener intended for professional, quick and easy to use. This knife sharpener allows you to sharpen the whole bevel while preserving knife blades. Two sharpening stages: honing and polishing. It is provided with an innovative guidance system to maintain a constant angle.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items