Specific disinfectant detergent for use in the food processing industry. Can be used with the cleaning and disinfection station. Powerful degreaser with foaming agents to better visualize treated surfaces and rinsing result. For floor and surfaces degreasing in the agri-food industry (walls, work surfaces, equipment, transport vehicles, cold rooms, etc.).


Foaming food disinfectant detergent approved for treatment (approval no. 2060202) :
- bactericidal in 15 min, 1 %, 20°C (EN 1040, EN 1276, EN 13697)
- fungicide in 15 min, 2%, 20°C (EN 1275, EN 1650, EN 13697)
This concentrated solution consists of: didecyldimethylammonium chloride (CAS No. 7173-51-5 :35 mg/g), excipients. Does not contain sodium hypochlorite.
Biocidal product intended for the disinfection of surfaces in contact or not with foodstuffs (Group 1-TP 2 & 4).
This detergent is a powerful disinfectant, even in the presence of mineral and organic soils on bacteria as well as on yeasts and moulds. Non-corrosive towards stainless steel.
Physico-chemical data :
- Clear solution
- Density at +20°C: ≈ 1.07
- pH of the pure product at +20°C: ≈ 12
- pH at 1% dilution: ≈ 11.7
Food disinfectant detergent sold in packs of 2 cans.
This food disinfectant detergent meets the REPAB specifications, defining the terms of application of EEC regulation n°2092/91.

Our advice of use :
This food disinfectant detergent is suitable for use in a venturi cleaning unit (sold separately) or soaking, at a dilution of 1% to 2% (10 to 20 ml/l) or in a foam gun at a dilution of 3% (30 ml/l). It is advisable to apply the product in sufficient quantity: +/- 30 ml/m² for the cleaning units and +/- 135 ml/m² for a use in foam gun.
Always wear gloves when using this food disinfectant detergent. Apply the detergent to the surface to be cleaned using a cleaning unit that allows the product to be dosed. Respect a contact time of 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with clear water.
This food disinfectant detergent must be stored at a temperature between +5°C and +35°C.
Dangerous product: respect the precautions of use (Directive 99/45/CE). Before any use, it is necessary to read the label and the information concerning the food disinfectant detergent. Use by professionals only. Use biocides with care.

Disinfectant food detergent PRO DDM ECO 5KG

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