Specialized nitrile protective gloves, non-rolled, with rolled edges and thicker walls that provide excellent grip and protection while working in oily or wet environments. Guaranteed food contact.
They are distinguished by their unique 3D diamond surface texture.


Particularly flexible, gogrip gloves are twice as thick as standard gloves. Their high resistance to stretching reduce the number of gloves used.

The unique 3D diamond texture makes your grip strong and stable and allows you to use mobile devices without removing your gloves.
Their texture also prevents your hands from sweating during work.

Mainly recommended for food processing, where your hands are exposed to a moist, greasy and wet environment.
These gloves are extensively tested to confirm their waterproofness and ensure your safety. Category III, Type B personal protective equipment.

Compliance with standards: EN 16523-1, EN ISO 374-1, EN ISO 374-4, EN 420, EN 374-2, EN ISO 374-5, Regulation (EU) Regulation (EU) 2016/425

In dispenser boxes of 50, also available in boxes of 500

Blue gogrip nitrile gloves - box of 50

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Colours blue
Length 24 cm
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