Electrical insulating gloves offering personal protection against electrical shocks up to 500V. These insulating gloves are perfect to protect the operator and to avoid potential safety hazards while using a poultry stunner. The shape of these insulating gloves has been designed to guarantee an excellent dexterity and ergonomy.


Insulating gloves made of natural latex and are sold as a pair. Each pair is individually packed in a plastic bag offering UV protection.
Insulating gloves available in various sizes: from size 8 to size 11. To help you choose the appropriate size please download the size guide in the « Download » section of this product datasheet. View the file in its actual size (100%) to find your size. 
Category III Personal Protective Equipment. AZC Category: resistant to Acid, O-Zone and very low temperatures.
This insulating gloves complies with the EN 60903 and IEC 60903 standards.
For an optimal protection against electrical shocks, these gloves can be used together with the electrical insulating mat (sold separately).
We can also provide other types of insulating gloves offering a protection against electrical shocks up to 36 000V (quotation upon request).

Insulating gloves

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Data sheet
Length 36 cm
Colours beige
Max. usage temperature +55°C
Min. usage temperature -25°C
Maximum alternating voltage 500 V
Maximum direct voltage 750 V
Class Class 00
Category AZC
Nominal thickness 0.70 mm
Storage temperature +10 to +21°C
Glove Weight (1 unit) 80g
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