Elide Fire® extinguishing ball
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The Elide Fire® extinguishing ball operates 24 hours a day / 7 days a week: it self-activates in the presence of fire. The safest and easiest way to extinguish a fire: a revolutionary technology! Not toxic andrespectful of the environment. For all fire classes. Quick and easy to use (no training and no maintenance required). The most cost-effective protection!


The Elide Fire® Fireball is based on revolutionary technology that provides far more advanced solutions than portable fire extinguishers. It is easy to use and provides permanent protection as it self-activates in the presence of a flame without human intervention, even in unoccupied places or zones. In only 3 to 10 seconds after contact with the flame, the detonator located inside the ball activates the wick on its outer surface. An immediate explosion is caused: the extinguishing powder disperses over an area of 8 to 10 square meters (equivalent to a standard fire extinguisher of 2.5kg). The external force of the explosion then pushes oxygen out of the fire zone, the fire instantly extinguishes by the action of the blast.
The Elide Fire® Extinguishing Ball is the first maneuverable, self-activating fire fighting device available on the European market. Thanks to its advantages, Elide Fire is an important technological breakthrough, already a reference in the market of fire safety devices.
The Elide Fire® extinguishing ball is respectful of the environment since it is composed of biodegradable extinguishing agents (100% natural: Eco Materials). Does not pollute the environment. Not dangerous and not toxic.
The Elide Fire® extinguishing ball ensures the extinction and monitoring of all fire classes: Class A - Dry fires (wood, paper, fabrics ...), Class B - Fatty Lights (Flammable Liquids, Plastics ...), Class C - Gas Lights (propane, butane, etc.), Class E - Lights of Electrical Origin, Class F - Lights related to cooking aids. For Class B, C, F and electric lights, the Elide Fire extinguishing ball is used for passive protection only.
The Elide Fire® extinguishing ball is lightweight and compact which makes it really easy to use. No training or skill required to use it. It is accessible to everyone. It will only activate in the presence of a fire, no pin, no moving parts or mechanical parts. There is no need to go near the base of the flames to extinguish the fire which which ensures user safety. The Elide Fire® extinguishes the fires instantly. The force generated by the activation of the ball is not dangerous for humans.
The Elide Fire® extinguishing ball just has to be thrown towards the fire, it will automatically activate and instantly disperse the extinguishing agent in order to extinguish the fire. If a fire is triggered in an unoccupied room, once the flames will come into contact with the Elide Fire® ball, it will activate, emitting, in addition to its extinguishing action, a sound warning by its detonation.
Easy installation: the best option for passive use is to install the ball in the most vulnerable places in its metal basket. The ball can be wall-mounted or simply placed on a flat surface, visible and easy to access. The most recommended areas are areas of high fire risk such as electrical cabinets, kitchens, storage rooms, engine compartments, in a car, in a boat, etc.

There are 2 models of Elide Fire® extinguishing ball

Model S Model L
Voltage up to 5KV max up to 230V max

switchboards, cable trays, power generators,

data centers, control centers, kitchens, etc.

Electric meter, computer bay, etcormatique, etc
Diameter 105 mm 152 mm
Weight 04 kg 1.3 kg
Application Aréa 6 m² 8 to 10 m²
Activation time
3 to 10 seconds 3 to 10 seconds
Sound alert  90 / 110 dB 120 dB

The product's performance is 5 years, during which no inspection or maintenance is required.
The Elide Fire® ball is protected by an international patent and complies with EC regulations NB 1395.
The manufacturing process is certified ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality Management).

Elide Fire® extinguishing ball

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Data sheet
Weight 0.4 kg (S); 1.3 kg (L)
Diameter 105 mm (S); 152 mm (L)
Surface area 6m² (S); from 8 to 10m² (L)
Activation time 3 to 10 seconds
Warning signal 90/110 dB (S); 90/139 dB (L)
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J'espère que ça ne servira pas .
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