Electrical insulating mat protecting the operator from electrical socks up to 1000V. Used to cover the ground for the electrical protection of the operator. This electrical insulating mat is perfect to protect the operator and to avoid potential safety hazards while using a poultry stunner. 


This class 0 electrical insulating mat is made of elastomer with non-skid surface on both sides. Halogen-free and high dielectric strength material.
Regulatory marks clearly indicating the mat features (2D Data Matrix Barcode with link to instruction manual).
This electrical insulating mat complies with IEC 61111 (live-working tool – insulating mat Category C: resistant to very low temperature -40°C). Also complies with the RoHS2 Directive and REACH.
For an optimal protection against electrical shocks, the operator can also wear insulating gloves (sold separately).
Other electrical insulating mat are also available (contact us for a quote): with a stronger protection against electrical shocks (up to 36 000V) and in various dimensions (smaller or larger).
A shoulder strap and a specific bag are available as an option (quotation upon request) to better store and transport the electrical insulating mat.

Electrical insulating mat

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Data sheet
Dimensions 60 x 100 cm
Weight 1.8 kg
Thickness 2.2 mm
Max. usage temperature +55°C
Min. usage temperature -40°C
Maximum alternating voltage 1000 V
Maximum direct voltage 1500 V
Class Class 0
Storage temperature +10 to +21°C
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