Standing and pigeon killing cones. 6 cones to easily bleed quails and pigeons, leaving the operator's hands free. It also allows the animal to be held during bleeding, reducing the risk of damaging the wings and skin.


These 6 killing cones for quails and pigeons are entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304 B2. The blood trough is inclined to facilitate the drop, draining is done on one side. The 4 feet are non-slip.

Our advice for use and maintenance

After stunning the quails and pigeons, introduce them into the cones with the head at the bottom, they can then be bled before going on to the dipping process.

The device can be simply cleaned with a jet of water at the end of the bleeding operations.

EEC standards.

Shipped unassembled, with all necessary screws/nuts and simplified assembly instructions.

Stainless steel killing cone stand for quails and pigeons

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Data sheet
Dimensions 50 x 100 x 147 cm
Weight 27 kg
Material Stainless steel AISI 304 B2
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