High-performance and heavy-duty noise-blocking earmuffs offering good hearing protection. The use of noise-blocking earmuffs is strongly recommended while dry plucking. High-visibility noise-blocking earmuffs for maximum safety in low light or at night.


These noise-blocking earmuffs are made up of:
- Two high-visibility earcups fitted with foam earmuff cushions (snap-in ear cushions make replacement quick and easy). Can be worn backwards when not used.
- An adjustable and reflective foam padded headband. Great comfort.
Noise-blocking earmuffs made of steel for better resistance. The patented Air Flow Control technology delivers optimal attenuation across all frequencies, without increasing earcup size or weight.
Offers a noise reduction estimated around 34 dB.
This noise-blocking earmuffs complies with standards below:
2003/10/EC - EU Hearing Directive
89/686/EEC - EU Directive/PPE
Category II - EC Category/PPE

Noise-blocking earmuffs

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Data sheet
Weight 0.306 kg
Colours green and black
Noise Reduction Rating 34 dB
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